R.I.P. Video #62: Shizz Dollah (2024)

Completed on November 15, 2018 (Louisiana time), in honor of DJ B-Real's birthday.

Broadcasting from tha Council Cup Scenic Overlook, here in Wapwallopen, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog, here, sadly reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community.

Jonathen Bates, known by his stage name, Shizz Dollah (formerly Yung $hizz or $hizz), passed away on Thursday, October 25, 2018, of a heart attack; he was only 27 years-old. Bates was just a teen when he was 1st featured on Baton Rouge rapper, Big Blaze's 2008 song, "Got It Made". Bates and his bro, Doe (or, Jon Doe, D.O.E., or Doe_XO), started releasing music under tha label, True Greed Entertainment. They released their collection of 2009 tracks on their 2010 release, Effect Vol. 2: Welcome To O.A.K.L.A.N.D.. In 2011, Bates signed with Baton Rouge rapper, Foxx's Milliyone Musik & released his first solo mixtape, The Chosen One, Vol. 1, in 2011. In 2012, Foxx presented Bates' A.D.I.D.A.S. release. In 2013, Bates released P.O.L.O. Vol. 1 (Players Only Live Once), as well as N.I.K.E. Vol. 1 (nigg* I Kill Everything). In 2015, Bates put out his This What I Would've Did 2 Yo sh*t mixtape. In 2017, Bates collaborated with Baton Rouge producer/rapper, DJ B-Real & released Look What You Made Me Do, Vol. 1, on B-Real's Pay The Producer Production & Bates' Blocc Society Entertainment. In 2018, his final release, Look What You Made Me Do, Vol. 2, was released on B-Real's Pay The Producer Production. Just one day before his untimely death, on October 25, 2018, Bates was featured on Baton Rouge photog-editor, Johnnie Domino's Baton Rouge Battle Rap league, BR2, in which he battled AMG Case. Bates won tha battle, 3-0. Bates celebrated his 27th birthday, earlier on September 28.


Effect Vol. 2: Welcome To O.A.K.L.A.N.D. (as $hizz) (w/Doe) (2010)

01. "Intro (Killin' It)"
02. "Watch Back"
03. "Blow 'Em Down" (Doe feat. Yung $hizz & Young Hits)
04. "Strike A Pose"
05. "Gettin' Money" (Doe feat. DJ B-Real & Puppy)
06. Bubba B Skit (Bubba B)
07. "#1 Groupie"
08. "I Know You See Me" feat. Young Trayne
09. "Real nigg* Status"
10. "Kiss Her Goodnight"
11. "Runnin' This"
12. "Flight School" (Yung $hizz feat. G-Money)
13. "On My sh*t (B-Real Version)" feat. DJ B-Real & Young Trayne
14. "Chill" (Doe feat. Juiicy)
15. "Why They Mad" (Yung $hizz feat. Mane of Money Train)
16. "co*cky"
17. "Bed Rock"
18. "Cold Blooded" (Yung $hizz feat. Young Trayne & DBK)
19. "Ambitions Az A Writer"
20. "Polo 2 The Flo (Remix)" (Yung $hizz feat. Mane, Treal, Tula Boy, Chad & Lovely Boy)
21. "My People (Remix)" (Doe feat. Young Trayne)

The Chosen One, Vol. 1 (2011)

01. "Intro"
02. "Local Rappers" feat. Foxx & Dog Da Cutthroata
03. "Bob My Head"
04. "Hit It In The Morning"
05. "That nigg*"
06. "Do Me"
07. "Relax & Take Notes"
08. "Son" feat. 1Hitta & Kane
09. "Warning Shots"
10. "Barzzz" feat. Foxx & Dog Da Cutthroata
11. "By Myself"
12. "The Landing" feat. Doe
13. "Ripped Up" feat. Doe & Young Trayne
14. "Bitch nigg*s Oh Yeah" feat. 1Hitta & Lil' Hurk
15. "Outro"

A.D.I.D.A.S. (Foxx Presents $hizz) (2012)
01. "Intro" feat. Foxx
02. "A.D.I.D.A.S." feat. Foxx
03. "Bop My Head (Remix)" feat. Foxx
04. "Send Ya Hit Man" feat. Foxx & Webbie
05. "Hit Me Up" feat. Foxx
06. "Devil" feat. Foxx
07. "Girls, Girls, Girls" feat. Foxx & D.O.E.
08. "Want From U" feat. Foxx & Young Trayne
09. "It's 'Bout To Go Down" feat. Foxx
10. "Antisentimental"
11. "Trust Issues"
12. "Red Bars" feat. Foxx
13. "Dead Wrong (Freestyle)"
14. "Find My Swag" feat. Foxx
15. "First Time"
16. "Money" feat. Lil' Mook

P.O.L.O., Vol. 1 (Players Only Live Once) (as Shizz Dollah) (2013)
01. "Intro"
02. "Bossed Up"
03. "Feel Good"
04. "Rider"
05. "Beef sh*t" feat. Rambeezy
06. "Noticed You" feat. Young Trayne
07. "Girlfriend"
08. "Freestyle"
09. "Get At U"
10. "No Good"
11. "Product Of My Environment"
12. "Stevie Wonder" feat. Doe
13. "High (Freestyle)" feat. Lil' Mop
14. "Spend The Night"
15. "Bet That Up" feat. Rambeezy

N.I.K.E., Vol. 1 (nigg* I Kill Everything)

01. "nigg* I Kill Everything"
02. "Work 4 Me"
03. "Pills & Cocaine" feat. 1Hitta, Lil' One The Champ & Spitta
04. "Do This Fo Real"
05. "Ching Ching" feat. Lil' One (Bad Azz Ent.)
06. "Paranoid"
07. "Gucci" feat. Lil' One (Bad Azz Ent.)
08. "f*cked Up" feat. Lil' One (Bad Azz Ent.) & Foxx
09. "One Time"
10. "Bitches Love Me"
11. "Joady" feat. Lil' One (Bad Azz Ent.) & Foxx
12. "What Up With That"
13. "Questionaire"
14. "Freaks" feat. Doe
15. "Speed Dial" feat. Dog Da Cutthroata & Foxx

This What I Would've Did 2 Yo sh*t (2015)
01. "Yizdom (Freestyle)"
02. "What Dat Azz Do"
03. "Ain't Nothin' New"
04. "Puncho"
05. "10 Toes"
06. "Can't Fall In Love"
07. "Satellites (Freestyle)"
08. "Monster (Freestyle)"
09. "Burn One" feat. Slap
10. "School Boy (Freestyle)"
11. "Know 'Bout Me"
12. "Food 4 Thotz"
13. "Only If You Knew" feat. Slap & KB
14. "I Feel Like I'm Raw"
15. "Episodes"
16. "Ya Heard Me"
17. "Exactly (Freestyle)"
18. "On My Mind" feat. HD
19. "Just Venting"
20. "Need Somebody (Response)"

Look What You Made Me Do, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) (2017)

01. "Off Safety"
02. "100"
03. "All For You"
04. "GYST (Get Yo sh*t Together)"
05. "Ain't Playing With You"
06. "I Got Me"
07. "I Got My Money Up" feat. Doe_XO
08. "Don't Play Around" w/Bo Champ

Look What You Made Me Do, Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition) (2018)

01. "Intro: 48 Bars Of Power"
02. "I Feel The Same Way" w/Da Real Gee Money
03. "I'm Outside" feat. WNC Whop Bezzy
04. "One In The Head"
05. "Make Time For You"
06. "Long Time"
07. "Separate Ways"
08. "It's Gone Get Better For Me"
09. "Blue Lines" feat. Tokyo Yens
10. "No Handouts"

Featured On:
Young Trayne The Pharmacy (2009)
- "Money Round Here" feat. $hizz

A1 Wissel & Lil' One The Champ Gift Rap (2010)
- "Money Train" feat. $hizz

A1 Wissel & Lil' One The Champ Gift Rap (Screwed & Chopped) (2010)
- "Money Train (Screwed & Chopped)" feat. $hizz

Young Trayne Junkie Medicine (Promethazine Edition) (2010)
- "In The Streetz" feat. Yung $hizz
- "She's Nasty" feat. Yung $hizz
- "I Know Who Ridin' Wit Me" feat. Yung $hizz & Big Blaze

Dog Da Cutthroata Look At Me Now (2011)
- "Wateva" feat. Tech & $hizz

FrankieThaLuckyDog Presents Tha Louisiana Archives Vol. 5: Evolving Into Spring (2011)
- "Staxx (Racks)" (Doe feat. $hizz) (2010)

Foxx Don't Work, Don't Eat (2012)
- "Club Scene" feat. $hizz & Dog
- "Driving Me Crazy" feat. $hizz
- "f*ck nigg*" feat. $hizz
- "3rd Person" feat. $hizz

Foxx Mayweather (2012)
- "Rockin' Bad" feat. $hizz
- "My Dog" feat. Dog & $hizz
- "Can't Let You Go" feat. Dog & $hizz
- "How You Supposed To Feel" feat. Hollywood HD, Dog & $hizz
- "Tears Of Joy" feat. Hollywood HD, $hizz & D.O.E.
- "Pouring Liquor Out" feat. $hizz, Money Bagz & Lil' One
- "Jodi" feat. $hizz & Lil' One
- "Stop Lyin'" feat. $hizz

Big Blaze 2nd Shot Promo (2013)
- "Got It Made" feat. $hizz (2008)

Foxx Cold Blooded (2013)
- "Walking Lick" feat. $hizz
- "Warning" feat. $hizz & DJ B-Real

Cutta F.A.M.E. (Forgive All My Enemies) (2015)
- "Owe U Nothin'" feat. Shizz Dollah
- "Yo Jam" feat. Shizz Dollah & ArJay

Foxx Jail Made Me Worse (2015)
- "Everybody Ain't Loyal" feat. $hizz

Kizzle Message To Da Streets (2015)
- "These Hoes" feat. Ebonique & Shizz Dollah
- "Makin' It Happ'n" feat. Rico, Shizz Dollah & Ebonique

3D First Date (2016)
- "Show My (Remix)" feat. Lil' One The Champ & Shizz Dollah

Bezo Luciano The Streets Need Me, Vol. 1 (2016)
- "FYI" feat. Lil' One The Champ & Shizz Dollah
- "Step Team" feat. Strowsama & Shizz Dollah

Beat-D-World Records Beat-D-World (2017)
- "Some To Say" (Shizz Dollah)
- "Bounce It" (Shizz Dollah feat. Ronnie & Buck Shot) (2016)
- "Get U Some Money" (Shizz Dollah) (2016)
- "Way Too Fast" (Shizz Dollah)
- "Stick Talk" (Shizz Dollah) (2015)

Spitta Let Me Eat (2017)
- "Bitch Out A Nikka" feat. Shizz Dollah (2016)

WNE Murda The Last Murda (2017)
- "Murda Everything I Do" feat. Shizz Dollah

Ronnie Rap Game Patience (2018)
- "Put Me 1 Up" feat. Shizz Dollah

Other Songs:

"sh*ttin' On Them" (2010)
"We Don't Give A f*ck" (True Greed) (2010)
"Off-Day (Remix)" feat. Doe (2014)
"Bucking Naked" (2015)
"Cold World" w/Doe (2015)
"Hotline Bling (Freestyle)" (2015)
"co*ke Like The '80s (Freestyle)" (2015)
"Day 597 Without A Pen" (2015)
"Deception" (2015)
"Relationship Goalz" (2015)
"Setup Different" (2015)
"Smoking Loud (Freestyle)" (2015)
"Spin Yo Corna" (2015)
"Work For Me (Remix)" (2015)
"Mojo" feat. KB (2015)
"Alloid Rimz" feat. Murda Mop (2015)
"Ameilia Amilliyone" feat. Trouble T & Lit Rickz (2015)
"Grind Game" (2016)
"Not Right Nahh" (Bezo Luciano x Shizz Dollah x Strowsama) (2016)
"Zone'n" (Drip feat. Shizz Dollah) (2016)
"Vibe Wiff Me" (J Skillz x Shizz Dollah) (2016)
"Get U A Bag" (Roddy Boy feat. Shizz Dollah) (2016)
"Actin' Bad Huh" (2016)
"Cold Game" (2016)
"Dupac" (2016)
"Foxx Diss" (2016)
"Kill Switch" (2016)
"Laiji's Interlude" (2016)
"Panda (Freestyle)" (2016)
"Real nigg* Questionaire" (2016)
"Right Up My Alley" (2016)
"Ritz Carlton (G-Mix)" (2016)
"Timeout" (2016)
"Uber Everywhere (Freestyle)" (2016)
"Let 'Em Hatee" w/D London (2016)
"Nothing To Lose" feat. BLT Jarvis (2016)
"Like Dat" feat. Doe_XO & KB (2016)
"Gotta Go" w/ArJay Scoefield (2016)
"Kung Fu" w/Bezo Luciano (2016)
"Robot" w/Buck Shot (2016)
"Fall In One 21" w/D London (2016)
"Mufasa" w/JMM Trell (2016)
"What Up Wit That" w/Trouble T (2016)
"Tell Me Nothinn" w/Trouble T (2016)
"Mouff Off" (Jerrid x Shizz Dollah x CB) (2017)
"Change No" (Nollie feat. Shizz Dollah) (2017)
"Dexter's Laboratory" (2017)
"One Thang" (2017)
"Sliderz" feat. Lil' One The Champ (2017)
"Bar Fight" (Lil' One The Champ x Shizz Dollah x Que Almighty) (2018)
"Smoke" (PugML feat. Shizz Dollah) (2018)
"Cash Wars" (Raheym Cash feat. Shizz Dollah) (2018)
"I Got To Have You" (2018)
"My puss*" (2018)
"Run Outta Money" (2018)
"Trap Phone" (2018)
"The Difference" feat. Slap & D London (2018)
"On My Trail" (Thr33Babiez (Slap & Shizz Dollah) (2018)

Other Productions:
Young Trayne "Let It Be Known" (2010)
Young Trayne "Follow Me" (2010)
Roddy Boy "I Ain't Mad At Cha" (2016)
Roddy Boy feat. Slappa "The Life I Live" (2016)
G.O.C. Flag St. "One Mo Time" (2017)

R.I.P. Jonathen "Shizz Dollah" Bates
9.28.1991 - 10.25.2018

R.I.P. Video #62: Shizz Dollah (2024)
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